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Our “ONE VOICE” Communications is a compilation of valuable resources, news alerts, legislation, national news, New Jersey news, and tons of great resources.

  • Updates on legislation, bills, Senators, Assembly events, zoom calls, etc.
  • News alerts locally and nationally about healthcare, adult day care!
  • What’s going on with CMS, MCO’s, the labor department, and other providers?
  • What is happening on a national level with NADSA.
  • Special resources for our business to share.
  • Employee resources, tips, techniques, and valuable information.
  • Documentation: Some shared samples of documentation, policy, and procedures, quality assurance programs.
  • Activity resources: What to do during Telehealth? Activity sheets to provide to clients, ideas, resources, ideas.
  • Featured consultants, vendors, service providers that can enhance our programs.
  • Telehealth programs, processes, documentation, activities, standards of practice, best practices!

Please feel free to contact us with questions. For more coalition news, information, and our online membership application, please refer to our website.