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It is our pleasure to invite you to become part of the “ONE VOICE” of NJAMDSC.

New Jersey Adult Medical Day Services Coalition “ONE VOICE” was initiated on behalf of the Adult Medical Day Services providers and the clients we serve. Our goal is to create a platform to keep the providers connected to our network, governmental updates, resources, news alerts, and information on a Local, State, and National Level. Through this forum, we will establish a support network that has a voice in establishing policies, rules, and other structural laws that can impact our industry. We all have the same priorities to provide the best quality of service and care for our clients!


To work in partnership as a network of adult medical day services providers with our local, state, and national Government to create a sustainable model of healthcare in New Jersey for our seniors and disabled population.

Connect with individuals, organizations, politicians, community leaders, and others who share the same mission, vision, and goals.

Collaborate with other providers to incorporate best practices, compliance, and overall business sustainability.

Advocate to amplify your voice with others and create lasting policy changes in adult medical day services and related issues. Be the voice for the clients we care for and service.
Be “ONE VOICE” together