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The coalition is working to:

  • Establish a better understanding and appreciation for the value and scope of the services offered by the adult medical day services centers
  • Define and expand the space we serve in the continuum of care.
  • Secure services for our clients.
  • Expand our programs to offer services that help a broader base of seniors’ needs.
  • Create a forum to collectively work together to advance the industry.
  • Share best practices to improve overall industry services.
  • Work with regulators to provide input on updates to code that will better serve our clients.
  • Act as a sounding board for new ideas and future services
  • Supporting new centers to the industry
  • Our Focus on the Future! And what can we do to create a more sustainable business!
  • Ideas, Resources, Techniques shared in servicing our clients.

Service Areas Covered

Our coalition is open to all currently licensed adult day care centers in NJ; social day programs, partners in delivering our services including pharmacies, medical records, dietary and medical consultants. In addition, we welcome anyone thinking of starting an adult day care program.

The coalition seeks partnerships with other healthcare interest groups in NJ who share our desire to raise the standard.